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Kinda jumping ahead of myself here, but I can rearrange things later.  

I have been hustling day after day to get things done for the first sand trip of the year.  I have the car running really good now, no real issues that can't be fixed with a hammer and duct tape at this point.  


trailerOB01.JPG (82605 bytes)   trailerOB02.JPG (94268 bytes)   trailerOB03.JPG (76765 bytes)   

trailerOB04.JPG (64735 bytes)   trailerOB05.JPG (85412 bytes)   
So here are the most recent pics of my test fitting the car into the Weekend Warrior trailer.


trailerOB06.JPG (89140 bytes)
Oh yeah, and got me some 14.50 paddles for it, as well.  I was going to go with 15" wheels, but they were way to wide for my liking, let alone a pain to set the bead on.  So, I went with the 12"  wheel.  Mucho mo' better.

If you want to see how the car did on it's first trip to the sand, click here


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