Craig's Orange Baja
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If you have any questions regarding this Project please E-mail "INSAYN".

Here is my newest project that I feel will be a great little baja bug.  So, what are you doing buying another car if you all ready have one in the makings, you ask?  

Simple, because it showed up at the right time, at the right price, at the same time I had some spending money set aside just for buying another commuter car.   I gave myself a very low budget for replacing my current POS '80 Rabbit that I use ONLY for driving to work in.  The Rabbit was coming due for new tags and the dreaded  emissions check at the end of December, and I was quite sure that this was going to be the last I would be driving the Rabbit.  I tend to buy cars for $100 to $400 just to see how long the car will go before it does one, or more of the following:  

1. Breaks down to the point any repairs will add up to more than $30.  

2. Tags ready to expire, and it won't pass emissions.

3. I find a more suitable car.

It turns out that Rabbit got the big #3. So, for $500 I found someone's humble little "Work in Progress", and dragged it home with hopes to replace the Rabbit within a month.   I figured I should at least give the Rabbit a single swing through the emissions test and then, just go ahead and purchase a 30 day trip permit, long enough to get the Baja on the road.  As it turns out, the Rabbit passed with flying colors, and I went ahead and bought new tags.  I figure now I have a little more time to spend getting the motor back together, and don't have to feel rushed.  


With that long intro, here is the orange baja and some of the details. 

orangebug01.JPG (90868 bytes)    orangebug02.JPG (84222 bytes)    orangebug03.JPG (80494 bytes)    orangebug05.JPG (76858 bytes)   

orangebug04.JPG (91145 bytes)    
These pics were taken the morning after I pulled it home from the previous owner's (Matt's parents) house.  

The deal was quite astonishing to say the least.  See, Matt was currently building this as a project in his parents garage, and he now has an apartment.  Parents put house up for sale, and Matt needs to either find a new place to build it, or sell it.  Sell it he did, and I thank you Matt. 

Matt has done 80% of the spending I will ever do on this car.  Over the course of a year, he gathered parts that are on it, or will soon be put on.  So here is what I can think of as I sit here and type this.

+ 4 new tires and wheels - not yet driven on.
+ 4 new KYB shocks.
+ New 7 piece bug eye fiberglass baja kit.
+ New 1 piece door window kit, (takes care of both doors).
+ Empi shifter with reverse lockout.
+ A trick steering wheel smaller in diameter than that of stock.
+ New full chrome kit for the motor.
+ Fresh line bored dual relief case with new bearings, seals, and new hardware.
+ New VW crank, VW rods, 1641cc pistons/cylinders
+ Rebuilt heads with hardened valve seats.
+ 6-5gal buckets full of new and used parts. 
+ 3 cardboard boxes of old and new parts, some redundant.

Basically the car is in very good shape. Very solid with very little rust, clean interior (minus carpet), Shattered windshield, and front end damage that will need to be pulled out, so I can get the front fiberglass on correctly.  




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